Monthly Meeting

Due to the New Year’s holiday our next meeting will be held on Thursday, January 9th at 10 AM at the Panera in North Fayette (by Walmart) in the VIP room.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

You can also find more information about our monthly meetings here.

We look forward to seeing you and your little ones!

New breast milk compound discovered

It is amazing how many new benefits are found in breast milk. Researchers recently discovered a breast milk compound that fights the growth of infection causing bacteria. It is called glycerol monolaurate, or GML and the compound also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Read more here.

Help! I can’t put my baby down!

Often mom’s are surprised by the intense need their baby has for them that first year of life. Sometimes they wonder if something is wrong with their baby or if they are spoiling them by holding them so much. This need to be close to mom is a very normal, natural behavior and one that is healthy for both the baby and mom. Read more on the Women’s Health Today blog on why this intense time is so important and why it makes sense biologically:

Help! I can’t put my baby down!


Laying with your kids to help them fall asleep is not a bad habit!

When my first son was born, he wanted to be held ALL THE TIME to sleep. For naps and throughout the night. It didn’t feel right to put him down and let him cry, especially because I knew he would nurse right to sleep and stay happy and content in my arms or sleeping next to me. If this sounds like your baby, know you are not alone! For helpful tips on co-sleeping safely, see La Leche League’s Safe Sleep Seven.

We recently came across this article on laying with your children as they fall asleep. It is a wonderful reminder of how you can meet the needs of your child in whatever stage they are in and that there is nothing wrong with being there for them as they fall asleep!

Read more here: Lying down with your kids until they fall asleep is not a bad habit