Breastfeeding during the holidays

Holidays can be a stressful, busy time but don’t let that negatively affect breastfeeding your little one. Here are some suggestions to survive the holiday season:

  • Let friends and family members know that you cherish your breastfeeding relationship. Don’t present it as a problem. For example, when aunts or grandmothers want to help, give them a task—not the baby.
  • When family members ask to feed the baby, tell them, “Thank you, but I’m breastfeeding,” and smile.
  • Use a sling or other carrier to keep baby close to nurse.
  • Work around nap times and other times when baby is sleeping.
  • Avoid long car and plane trips if possible. If it’s unavoidable, make sure to take plenty of time for nursing breaks.
  • Choose clothing that provides easy access to the breast for the little nursling.
  • Shop for gifts online or from catalogs. Keep “real life” shopping trips short or take plenty of breaks to breastfeed.

Remember, your baby is only this young once so try to relax and give yourself some time to enjoy it. You don’t have to bake 20 dozen cookies, decorate the house top to bottom or attend every holiday party you’re invited to. This year may be different than previous before you had a baby (or babies), but different is okay! baby_santa_hat

Here are a few good articles on surviving the holidays and breastfeeding:

“Surviving Holiday Breastfeeding.” (from The Leaky Boob)

“Breastfeeding During the Holidays.” (from Breastfeeding Chicago)

Happy Holidays!

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