Have you heard of the 4th Trimester?

As moms, we know all about the three trimesters of pregnancy. But not many people talk about the 4th trimester. Your body goes through such an amazing transformation and out comes this beautiful new life. Society sometimes makes us feel that mothers should immediately bounce back, both with their bodies and minds. But it may be helpful to think of the first few months with your new baby as another trimester.

The United States Breastfeeding Committee has a weekly newsletter that recently included an article about the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute’s “The 4th Trimester Project.”

” The term “4th Trimester” reflects the concept that during the first months of life, newborns continue to function like a fetus in many ways; they require months of intense, ‘womb-like’ nurturing. A 4th Trimester perspective views the mother and infant as a mutually dependent unit, behaviorally and physiologically intertwined via breastfeeding and other interactions such as skin-to-skin contact.”


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