Tips to avoid holiday weaning

The holidays are a busy time and we can often get so caught up with everything we want to accomplish that we don’t realize we are postponing or skipping a nursing session. You may want to think about one or two things that are really important for you to do during the holiday season. Maybe you have a favorite tradition or a cookie recipe that you make every year. Pick what is realistic for you to do and what you can really enjoy. Your baby (or babies) will only be this little once so try to cherish and enjoy it!xmas-nursing

Below are some tips written by Dee Russell in “How to Avoid Holiday Weaning,”  published on the Breastfeeding Today blog :

  • Have a family member or friend watch your baby in your home so that you can bake, wrap presents, etc but still nurse as needed since your baby is close by.
  • Wear your baby in a sling or carrier to keep them close while you shop.
  • Bring your baby to special events instead of leaving them at home.
  • If you are traveling, plan in advance how many times you think you will need to stop and try to give yourself plenty of time so you are not stressed.

Read the complete article on Breastfeeding Today. You can also check out our previous post with more holiday tips Breastfeeding during the holidays.”

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