A drop of the good stuff

The mysteries of milk,” was published on”The Biologist” website, which is a publication by the Royal Society of Biology in the United Kingdom. It talks about what we do know about human milk.

Breast milk contains thousands of different molecules, growth factors, hormones, microorganisms and cells, which work together to provide the human baby with all the tools necessary to grow and develop normally. Many of its components have only recently been discovered – leaving the tantalising possibility that more remain – and the functions of many remain unknown.”

…”This immune protection covers the vulnerable period of early life when the immature immune system is not well developed – in humans, the immune system is thought to be fully mature only at the age of six. The breast itself is a source of specific immune cells and can, therefore, be seen as an immune organ, although it is never listed as such in medical textbooks. One hypothesis regarding the benefit of breastfeeding to mothers is that the breast also ramps up the mother’s own immune system to aid postnatal recovery.”

Just look at what a drop of human milk contains! And this is just what we know about breast milk right now!

Read more of this fascinating article here: The mysteries of milk

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